Rosemary Gets the Job Done When Others Fail!

Rosemary is an amazing agent. She was professional, highly engaged, and clearly communicated throughout the entire process. Rosemary was not our first agent. When we decided to sell our house at the beginning of 2021, we hired a longtime agent who was a family friend. It was a disaster. When the market turned down for sellers, our first agent was completely lost (despite years of experience). Working with this bad agent was an extremely frustrating experience. When we hired Rosemary, she created a plan to tackle the unique challenges of our property, laid out a complete strategy that included marketing, media, and staging, and followed up on every detail. She got the job done! Our first agent kept telling us “I don’t know who would want to buy your home”, but Rosemary got us 3 offers and sold the house in 3 weeks.
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A Fantastic Buying Experience

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Rosemary to purchase our home in La Crescenta. Rosemary brought so much skill, shrewdness, and insight into the transaction and secured our dream home for us under very competitive conditions. From the very start, Rosemary’s communication and professionalism were evident. She helped us to understand the current market and walked us through the buying process as needed. She set clear expectations, outlined a timeline and always delivered on deadlines. Together, Rosemary and our lender worked extremely hard to pull off a 21-day escrow. Rosemary was wonderful at listening to our needs and ensuring we didn’t miss homes that met our search criteria. She was great at being available to look at listings in person and having her representation and presence made a difference. Rosemary is talented at managing- she kept everything on track for us and eased the stress of a such an important life decision and big transaction. There was never a time we had to remind Rosemary of a detail- she was extremely organized, gave us exceptional service and we felt safe and confident in her skill. When we fell in love with our current home, Rosemary moved fast and truly went the extra mile to make it all happen. She neatly packaged our offer and negotiated terms that made us and the seller happy. Multiple competitive offers were up for consideration- I truly believe we would have not got the home without Rosemary representing us. We are forever grateful, and we cannot thank Rosemary enough.
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Best Agent and Home Buying Experience

Buying a home in a competitive market is stressful; add in that my partner and I were across the country, unable to view the houses in person, and you have a recipe for a nervous breakdown. Rosemary made the process enjoyable and stress-free. She found homes that were exactly what we wanted. She gave honest feedback, was so thorough, and had such a high standard that we felt 100% comfortable relying on her to view and pick our forever home. I know saying that someone is so good at their job that you can literally hand all control over to them, and they will not only deliver exactly what you want, you won't worry for a single moment during the process is probably the best review you can give, but that's just one of many talents Rosemary has. She’s organized, responsive, kind, patient (so patient), understanding, and exceptionally knowledgeable. She led us through the entire process; even when it didn't include her, I could reach out for a gut check and support. Even the seller we bought from couldn't help but praise her. He sent an email to us saying: “I also want to tell you that in the course of my business, I work with many resale agents. The spectrum of professionalism is hugely varied, from absolutely horrible, to wonderfully professional. I am sure it will not surprise you to know that Rosemary is at the top of that curve. She represented you thoroughly and professionally every step of the way.” There is no agent better than Rosemary.
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